Thinking of going out to a bar later while you’re parked on Interstate 4?  Orlando area bars are one of the best reflections of Orlando culture, and we have bars to service all types of moods and occasions.  One of the benefits of living in an area where almost every resident is from some place else, you’re bound to find establishments with concepts from many different places created by people who once lived there and now live here.  You’ll find everything from dive bars, nightclubs, Irish bars, cigar bars, sports bars, wine bars, country bars, and trendy bars. We’ve got them all!  Most of the bars featured on are either unique to the area and have long-time reputations or establishments that are extremely popular with Orlando locals.  Because public transport and taxi cab services simply are not the quickest and most efficient methods of traveling in the Orlando area, we recommend either having a designated driver or at least finding a comfortable place where you can hang out until you sober up.  Don’t party too hardy!

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