Wall Street Plaza

Wall Street Plaza is a Downtown Orlando destination in itself. The area is located right off of Orange Avenue right smack in the middle of Orlando Nightlife and at the same time its right in the center of all the Downtown Offices. Here you’ll find a small walking street with no vehicles allowed on it and on each side you will see 8 different bars and restaurants each with their own unique concepts.

It’s one giant bar area managed by pretty much the same group, but its great for eating out and for nightlife because it allows the undecided to go to multiple places one after the other until they find a place that’s comfortable for them. If you want a laid back tropical bar, they’ve got it. If you want more of an informal dive bar concept, they’ve got that too. If you want to dance in a nightclub setting, you can do that as well.

We’re going to give a quick rundown on all the venues:

Loaded Hog

If you’re starting from Orange Avenue, one of the first bar/ restaurants that you’ll see is the the Loaded Hog. The Loaded Hog is an old school wooded bar with a more rustic attitude. Its a more intimate bar where patrons can sit down, have something to eat and drink and simply relax. They play music, but its not over powering music and its perfect for those who simply want to hang out in an informal bar setting indoors. Why do we mention that its indoors, well because sometimes it rains and sometimes its cold and most of Wall Street Plaza is open to the elements. At first glance it does not even look like the Loaded Hog is a part of Wall Street, but once you travel to the back you’ll find that it connects to yet another bar, One Eyed Jacks.

One Eyed Jacks

One Eyed Jacks also faces Orange Avenue and to the untrained eye, a person might not realize that all these bars are in fact connected. Its a great informal bar where you can sit at the large bar or one of the large bar top tables and stools. The whole bar is fitted with wooded furnishings hinged together with rustic iron pieces. One of the tables is actually made from an old factory wheel gear and that table can sit up to 8 people. Its a great place for get togethers and a great place to play trivia, which is currently hosted by Curtis Earth Trivia on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. The beer and food are inexpensive and the bar is full of fun-loving patrons who will never be snooty to you.

Wall Street Cantina

The Wall Street Cantina is slightly similar to the One Eyed Jacks and the Loaded Hog in that its an informal bar with wooded floors and more rustic furnishings. Naturally since its a Cantina, it has slightly more of a Mexican theme. Its a great place if you want to grab some Mexican food during lunch while your downtown or a great place to go for dinner or a late night snack. The Cantina is also known for their happy hours Monday-Friday from 4pm-7pm with cheap Corona beer and Margaritas. Taco Tuesdays is also a big hit with locals where they can pick up cheap tacos, grab a beer, and sit outside and enjoy the Orlando weather. The Cantina is a great place to sit outside and people watch and with inexpensive alcohol and food, its a great deal.



Hen House

As you enter into to Wall Street from Orange Avenue, you’ll find a place known as Hen House on the left-hand side.   Hen House is one of the newer concepts on Wall Street Plaza serving up craft beers in a late night and funky bar atmosphere.  Its smaller in size than all the other bars in Wall Street Plaza but entertains the eye with tons of art, sculptors and paintings all of the walls.  Definitely a more intimate and quieter place in the Wall Street arena so if you’re looking to get away from the big crowds but still stay within the Wall Street parameters.  This could  be the place for you!





Further down on the left you’ll find Slingapours, a Nightclub with two large bars inside, catering to those who love the Downtown Dancing. If you’re looking to dance the night away to Hip Hop and Rap music, this is definitely the place for you. One of the greatest things about Wall Street, is that nondance club visitors can enjoy a venue like Slingapours for 20 minutes and then go someplace else to sit down and chill out for a while and then you can go back and dance the night away again. So those who might feel like doing a little dancing and listening to hard core music can enjoy it at their leisure, which is why Slingapours is so appealing when you’re trying to please a large group of friends with different interests.




Connected to Slingapours and is the bar and restaurant known as Hooch.   Hooch is a re-imagining of Wall Street favorite, The Globe.  Hooch is on the outer edge of Wall Street and has a huge bar where you can sit outside or inside and enjoy all sorts of food and drinks and appetizers.  If you sit outside or even inside you can get a great people watching view of people traveling through Wall Street Plaza and you can also get a great view of people walking through the small park in front of the Orlando History Museum.  Hooch will be serving up craft beers and one of a kind cocktails.  There will   Featuring house batched spirits,  With a huge bar and steampunk decor, Hooch brings another great place to stop in while you’re at Wall Street or Downtown in general.


Waitiki is across the way from The Globe and it takes on more of a Hawaiian, Caribbean, Reggae Theme.  Open for lunch, dinner its a great place to pick up seafood or sandwiches including  their large hamburger known as “The Big One.”  When you walk up to Waitiki you’ll notice the vast amount of outdoor seating available, if the weather is good, definitely take advantage of the outdoor seating, as you’re surrounded by Wall Street and the nearby park area next door.  Inside there is a large rectangular bar taking up a good amount of the bar and meanwhile it looks like a team of Hawaiian dancers took their grass skirts and decorated the bar with it in addition to bamboo.  And while many clubs and bars have D.J.’s that are hidden from above, at Waitiki you’ll always find an easily accessible D.J. who will actually talk to you and quite possible play requests.  Its a fun atmosphere to be in and if you look toward the back you’ll find an elevator and a flight of stairs to take you to the second floor which is known as Monkey Bar.


Monkey Bar

When you go to Monkey Bar you’ll find a more intimate space, a great place to meet friends in Downtown Orlando if you want to be in the thick of things, but you also want to have conversations with your friends where you can actually hear one another over the loud music found everywhere else.  You’ll find a small bar inside and outside on the large balcony.  To add to the intimacy you’ll find large, plush comfortable seating all around the bar and on the large balcony you will also find very large and comfortable seats as you look onto the crowds below and enjoy the view.  Because of its seclusion and upscale looking overlooking the rest of Wall Street, Monkey Bar is an ideal place that gives you the vibe that you are in an exclusive VIP section of a nightclub overlooking the commoners.  Ofcourse the reality is that everyone is welcome and everyone is a VIP at the Monkey Bar.

The Other Bar

The “Other Bar” is located to the right of Waitiki.  Its in Wall Street Plaza but in a sense its not actually managed by the same owners that manage and own the rest of the bars and restaurants on Wall Street.  It is literally the “other bar.”  For years it was inhabited by a law office and was not a bar at all.  It was started by formal personnel from Wall Street. Local folklore states that the name humorously came about because the bar one day opened and appeared out of no where and bar patrons trying to describe to friends where exactly they were going would find themselves saying that they were going to the “other bar.”   The “Other Bar” is open 7 nights a week and is known for having comedy nights and playing sports games on their big screen T.V.’s.  They also have a small rectangular bar that kind of sticks out into the Wall Street Plaza walk-way area.



Most nights its free, but during weekends and special events, and holidays, especially those known as drinking holidays (Cinco De Mayo, St. Patricks Day) you’ll probably find yourself paying an entrance of $5 to $10.  On Friday and Saturday night you might be able to get in free before 10pm.

19 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801-2418

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