Lake Eola Fountain is Getting a Renovation

Posted by Unlock Orlando April 28, 2011

The Lake Eola Fountain in downtown Orlando is getting a renovation. As many of you already know, the Lake Eola Fountain was severely damaged by a lightening strike in 2009 and the fountain was off for several months. The iconic green plexiglass is over 50 years old and was starting to deteriorate beyond repair.

The fountain is now being restored by Freeport Fountains.  The fountain is going to feature an upgraded base, new glass, energy efficient water pumps, energy efficient multi-color LED lighting, new water jets and a system to control the lights and water jets.

The control system will allow for a choreographed light and water show.

Updated images on the Lake Eola Fountain with the new LED Lighting System.

Lake Eola Fountain Renovation

Lake Eola Fountain Renovation

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