Lovebugs are here to stay in Orlando

Posted by Unlock Orlando May 20, 2011

Its during the month of May, and that means its Lovebug season.  The citizens of Orlando generally find Lovebugs throughout the month of May and throughout the month of September.  Many times you’ll find them in the afternoon or early evening.  If you have trouble finding them, you can take a drive from North Orlando to South Orlando down Interstate 4 or down the Turnpike or one of the other Central Florida tolls roads and you’ll be able to find them stuck to the front of car.

Lovebugs to describe them are two bugs joined at the tail end that love to fly into vehicles moving at speeds of 50 miles an hour or more on freeways.  They also enjoy park and field areas as Orlando residents see them flying around all over.

Here’s the good news and the reason why most Orlando residents tolerate the Lovebugs.  These things are harmless to humans.  They don’t bite, they don’t itch, they’re not poisonous, and while they are a bit of a nuisance to passing vehicles, they can cause us no harm.  True, there’s a lot of them and you have to brush them away, but in comparison to mosquitoes, these Lovebugs are a breeze to deal with.

Special Unlocked Tip:

Cleaning Lovebugs off your car:

The most important issue that the Unlock Orlando Bug Squad has to deal with is the educating residents new to the Orlando area on the cleanup of Lovebugs on vehicles.  Once Lovebugs are stuck on a vehicle, its best to clean them off immediately.  The sooner the better.  A wet paper towel won’t always do the truck, so there are certain sprays and chemicals that you can apply to your vehicle to help you get the bug spots off.   The reason why you need to get the Lovebugs off your car immediately is that if you let them sit there they will take the paint off your car.  Another cleaning solution that does not involve any chemicals is taking your standard kitchen sink sponge with the green scruffy part (not too rough though) and drenching it with water and slowly scraping the Lovebug and its remnants off the vehicle.  Car washes are another option, they get a ton of business during Lovebug season, but you have to check the work because even the car washes don’t take everything off.



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