The Waterhouse Residence Museum

The Waterhouse Residence Museum, known to locals as the Maitland Waterhouse, is one of Maitland’s most seen historical landmark attractions and yet many in Maitland and most certainly many locals in Orlando don’t even know of its existence. The house is Victorian home originally built in the 1880’s and has now been fully restored.  Many people have seen the house because it’s located right on Maitland’s Lake Lily, which is Maitland destination in itself. 

However, many people don’t realize that you can get a tour of the 2-story house and the premises.  Many people also probably assume that the Waterhouse derives its name because it’s close to the water; it’s actually named after the man who built it. The person was was……….yep you guessed it…….Waterhouse.  One of the most notable attributes of the Waterhouse is that it gives visitors a glimpse of how a middle class family back in the 1884 would have lived.  This is significant because most of the time old houses in Florida that become tourist attractions are generally large palatial mansions.  This house allows visitors to better compare their current lifestyle to a lifestyle in the late 1800’s. Tours our offered, many times by volunteers, and it’s a great place to bring, family, friends, and children. 

There is a small carpentry museum that you can visit, which was originally built by Mr. Waterhouse a year before the house was finished and one would assume that may have been instrumental when building the house.


701 Lake Lily Drive, Maitland, FL 32751

Special Unlocked Tip: While it’s indoor activity make sure to go on a non-rainy day so that you can make a few laps around Lake Lily, check out the families of ducks, sit on the nearby benches or perhaps take the kids to the playground just steps away from the Waterhouse.

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