Parks and Trails

One of the best benefits to living in Orlando is the access to local parks. Most of the parks in the Orlando area have tons of trees and most are located on lake-front property.  For the Orlando area these parks and lakes have been both a blessing and a curse.  They a blessing because most of these parks are in excellent condition, have tons of activities to do, and they offer clean spring-fed lakes and waterways that allow for safe ecological environments and recreation.  The curse is that its because of these lakes that Orlando many times has a crazy road way system that drives not only newcomers but long-term Orlando residents completely crazy.  Most of Orlando is scattered with curved road systems with all sorts of twists and turns lacking any sort of organized grid or logical planned system.  Its not uncommon to find roads that dead-end into a lake, but somehow continue on the other side of that lake.  Should we take a paddle boat over there fellas?  While not totally responsible for this mess, the Florida waterways share a percentage of the blame.  Don’t hold it against nature and enjoy the parks and the trails as they are beautiful and kept in excellent condition 365 days a year.  Best of all, most of them have FREE admission!