When you think about places in the country that are known for food, the Orlando area really isn’t high on the radar screen. Many people who move here from other places think that food in the Orlando area has no flavor, no pizzaz, and no style.  To all the naysayers its simply not true, they’re just looking in the wrong places.  There are websites out there that lists every single restaurant known in Orlando with a rating system.  Sure that’s great, if you know what restaurants to look up in the first place.  The restaurants featured at are truly local favorites, restaurants that locals go to again and again.  These restaurants should be frequented by the tourists from out of the area, but they simply don’t know they are here.  Don’t be fooled by the uninformed.  We’ve got excellent places for almost any cuisine that you want to find in Orlando.  You just need to know where to look.  We’ll help you out.  All of these restaurants have excellent food at reasonable prices. We have listed some of our most favorite Orlando restaurants.