Bostons Fish House

While Florida is known as a waterfront state, Orlando is not necessarily known as the seafood capitol. Since the late 1980’s Orlando locals have flocked to this place like schools of fish to get their seafood fix. Bostons Fish House is a New England style fish restaurant serving shrimp, scallops, clams, and different types of fish. Most of the fish and practically everything on the menu is fried. Totally worth the calories as it might in fact be one of the best seafood restaurants in the Greater Orlando area. Bostons Fish House is by no means a formal place, in fact they use styrofoam cups, paper plates, and paper napkins. When you arrive, there is a line in the front of the restaurant where customers line up and order what they want from a large menu when they get up to the cashier to pay. Then and only then are they are seated at an available table. This system puts the restaurant at a casual dining level, much nicer than a standard fast food restaurant but their system kind of operates like one. If you go on the weekends, the line might be a little longer, out the door in fact, but its worth the wait.


Tuesday-Thursday 11am-3:25pm and from 4pm-8:30pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-3:25pm and from 4pm-9:30pm
Sunday 11am-3:25pm and from 4pm-8:30pm

Price: $7-$16


Aloma location:
6860 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32792
(407) 678-2107

Sanford location:
1133 Rinehart road
Sanford, FL, 32771
407 878 5874

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