Croissant Gourmet

The Croissant Gourmet is a French-style bakery located right off Park Avenue near the intersection of Park Ave. and Morse in Winter Park, just North of Orlando. The bakery serves everything that a typically French bakery on the streets of Paris would serve including mouth-watering desserts. You will walk in and immediately see 10 things on display that you would love to try. The bakery started in the Spring of 2008 by two brothers Francois and Philippe who really are from France and really had bakeries in France. These guys are the real deal, not some impostors with fake accents and no baking experience.

Just to give you a small taste of what you’ll find when you walk into the Croissant Gourmet: Chocolate and Vanilla-filled éclairs, Crème brulée, Napoleon, Bear paws, danishes, Vanilla and Coconut flan, Mixed fruit tarts and much more. Then there are the Croissants (well there has to be Croissants because its in the name). These things are large and buttery with a flakey crust outside. You can get them plain or with different types of creme in the middle or with almonds and brown sugar on top. You can go there for a regular breakfast or lunch meal also get some croissant sandwiches made in any number of ways. The ham, egg, and cheese is a big hit along with the spinach and cheese and the chicken, cheese, and mushroom sandwich. Croissant sandwiches are also served with cold items such as tuna fish, turkey, and chicken salad. They also serve a great quiche and have an incredible and buttery croque dish as well.

Orlando locals love coming to this place, its quick, its easy, and its darn impressive, especially when they bring a non-local that is of the impression that no good food can be found in Orlando. The Croissant Gourmet is helping to put Orlando back on the good food map…… croissant at a time.


6:30am to 6pm
7 days a week

$1.50 to $8


120 East Morse Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32789-3819

Special Unlocked Tip:
Parking can be tight on the street where the bakery is so you might want to try the public parking lot which is right in front of the train station on Morse. All you have to do is cross over Park Avenue at the light, and your practically there…’ll see the outdoor tables set up in front.

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