Infusion Tea Orlando

Ever feel like going out to eat, but you don’t want it to take a toll on your health. Infusion Tea, located in the College Park area of Orlando, recognizes that food can taste good and still be good for you. At the restaurant you’ll find a great selection of sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, desserts, gelato, and ofcourse Tea. In fact Infusion Tea has a whole selection of tea taking up an entire wall. Flavors include almond amaretto, coconut, mint mate, herbal, black tea and probably 40 others …..some of which you may not have seen before. The food is also terrific, made fresh, on the premises, with the best ingredients out there. If you’re trying to figure out what to eat, the portobello mushroom sandwich and the goat cheese pizza are among popular favorites at the restaurant. At the front counter, you’ll find a small selection of about 10 freshly made gelato flavors to choose from along with a selection of desserts. Not that desserts are the healthiest thing to eat, but these desserts are made with actual butter and sugar and other ingredients that the average American could spell out pronounce if necessary, so at least if you eat these desserts………… won’t subtract years from your lifespan. The staff is also very helpful and friendly and does not look like they were from an alternative universe (which is typically the case in most establishments like this that would serve tea and vegetarian cuisine). While you wait there for your food to be served, there is also a retail gift section that you can check out where they’re selling jewelry, stationery, soap, candles, and other creative gift items.

Infusion Tea is also well known as a place for baby showers and bridal showers in the city of Orlando. They actually host a lot baby and bridal showers throughout the year because its in intimate space, that can seat up to 50 people, and Infusion Tea serves the type of food that you would find at these events on a regular basis…………so they are really good at it. An example would be a “High Tea” event….including finger sandwiches, cookies, and tea……………lots of tea………….enough tea to have your own “Boston Tea Party.” Although you won’t to throw this tea overboard. The prices for these events are also extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of the event.

Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm


Prices vary $2-$14


1600 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

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