Ivanhoe Village

If you drive down Orange Avenue south of Princeton Street you’ll find a whole row of older looking boutique shops and restaurants and this is now formally called Ivanhoe Village.  Its part of a vitalize Downtown Orlando effort and what’s better than going into older buildings and older shops from the 60’s and 70’s?  Trendy things ofcourse.  You’ll find all sorts of fun stuff down here, lots of modern deco furniture stores and home good stores, you’ll find all sorts of Trendy restaurants and bars that are all very well known in the area including The Greek Corner, The Imperial at Washburn Imports, The White Wolf Cafe, Ethos Vegan Kitchen, and Gargi’s Italian. You’re also likely to find to antique shops, some boutique hair salons, some wine shop, and specialty goods stores. 

Its a great place to walk around, go out to eat, and basically another place to hang out.  As you’ve probably seen Orlando is not the most pedestrian friendly city in the world and the Ivanhoe Village is yet another opportunity for Orlando locals to walk around and see shops and restaurants that you wouldn’t find in a mall or a strip mall.  While you’re walking you can also enjoy Gaston Edwards Park which is located right off Orange Avenue, just south of all the shops and restaurants.


Will vary depending on location.


Just south of Princeton Street on Orange Avenue, but North of Colonial Drive.
Ivanhoe Village, Orlando, FL 32804

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