Park Avenue

If we could only count the ways at how unique Park Avenue is to the Orlando area. Located in the heart of Winter Park, just North of Orlando, Park Avenue is the place where the earlier generations that moved to Central Florida would go to in order to escape the cold northern winters. The train station stop on Park Avenue made it possible for people from anywhere in the country to easily take a trip to the area. Sure there are other places where you can walk for a half mile and see boutique shops, cafes, and clothing stores in an upscale area, but how many have a large and gorgeous public park right across the street………….not many.

The park is a tree-shaded park overlooking “The Avenue” with a large fountain in the middle. Off to the Northern side there is a large outdoor stage where locals can enjoy a variety of events including live performances, charity events, festivals and all kinds of kids programing. At the other end of the park is the Rose Gardens where locals can stroll though the different plants and roses neatly laid out in the outdoor courtyard area.

When it comes to the shopping, its all about the unique and the high end. Here you can find art work, jewelry, home goods, furniture, and clothing; much of it being brand name and at minimum shoppers are likely to find products not found at the typical “Big Box” store. Merchants include Williams-Sonoma, Gap, tons of hair and day spas, Siegel’s, Jacobson’s, Bella, Tugboat and The Bird, Simmons Jewelers, The Spice and Tea Exchange, and many more. Its a great place to stroll along, explore and partake in some of the cafes, restaurants, and wine bars that Park Avenue has to offer.

From Interstate 4, Park Avenue can be found by taking the Fairbanks Avenue Exit, and traveling East for two miles and then taking a left at Park Avenue.


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Special Unlocked Tip:
Parking can be tricky during the weekends or special events such as festivals or the local Winter Park Farmer’s market. Parking on the streets or in the public lot by the train station is limited to 2 or 3 hours at a time in most cases during the weekdays, but after 5pm on weekdays and on the weekends you can park in these spots for an unlimited amount of time. Worst case scenario, you can always find parking on the side streets if you don’t mind walking a few blocks. There is also a parking garage that’s free which is next to the Morse Museum which the public can use.

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